Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY-ish Spice Rack

Happy Saturday! Since I moved back in January I have been looking high and low for a spice rack. All of my spices have been tucked away in a cabinet, which was working fine. But, I'd forget what I have, buy doubles, loose things, etc. It just wasn't working for me. I found adorable spick racks here, here, and here. But none of them were exactly what I wanted.

This probably isn't a true DIY project, I didn't make the spice rack myself but more found different items and put them together to work for me. But, I am still going to call it DYI.

So at last, my spice rack:

It isn't perfect, but it works great for my kitchen. I needed something that would hand on the wall, because in a small apartment you don't have ample kitchen counter space. I found the wire rack at World Market for $9.99. The glass, teal jars are also from Would Market and were $.99 each. They had jars in all different colors. I liked the pop of teal. They jars have a rubber seal on the bottom of th lid to keep them shut tight, and your spices fresh. The only down fall is there is no shaker so you need to be careful when pouring. Each jar fit nearly all of the product in a normal size spice container. There was a small amount of product left over which I put in labeled zip-lock bags for easier storage.

For the labels, I used the sticky part of a post-it note. I happened to have teal laying around my apartment which matches the top perfectly. This lasted for about 2 hours before they started to peel. So, I covered each label with a pieces of clear tape.

The total for this rack at $20. I put 5 jars on each row, but they could fit 6. This rack holds all of more "savory" spices. I have some sweeter spices that did not I am thinking about getting another one to put below.

By the way, these racks...also great for nail polish storage but that is another post for another time.

Now, my spices are on the wall. I have extra counter space. And, my kitchen looks a little more homey!

Happy Weekend!


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