Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monthly Box Subscriptions: Oh My!

Monthly Box Subscriptions

Monthly Subscription Boxes has taken the world by storm. I thought I'd share some of the boxes I've tried...and some that I want to try!

For starters, There are a ton of box services available. I found which has user reviews of different boxes on the market. I also found this post on Purse Blog, that talks about some of the beauty boxes available.

1. Julep Maven
Steal my heart! Julep is a nail polish company! After taking a quick style quiz, they will pick 2 new colors each month. You also get a bonus might be a hand scrub, lotion, top coat, lip gloss...or a bonus polish! Don't like you picks? You can browse the other boxes each month and choose the one you are most interested in. Julep is $19.99/mo. You can easily skip a month, or cancel the service all together. I LOVE Julep. The quality of the polish is amazing. Most colors, you only need ONE coat. Also, their top coast is incredibly fast drying. Click here to sign up for Julep.

2. Birchbox
I think Birchbox is the product to start it all. For $10/mo you get 4-5 beauty or lifestyle deluxe product samples. Birchbox is a great way to discover new products. Find something you like? Birchbox sells all of the products they send you. If you go on the site, after receiving your box, you can rate products and receive points which can go towards shopping discounts. I really liked Birchbox. I am not a current describer due to a billing issue I was never able to clear up. But, I do love the Birchbox blog, and secretly...I wish I worked for them! Click here to sign up for Birchbox.

3. Glossybox USA
I reallllllly want to try Glossybox and I might just sign up after posting. For $21/Mo you receive 5 travel size beauty products. One of things that interests me most about about Glossybox is that they tout international brands. I love trying products from other counties. Also, they packaging looks amazing. I've heard really great reviews about Glossybox. Click here to sign up for Glossybox.

4. Eco Emi Box
The Eco Emi box interests me. Eco Emi delivers natural, organic, and green products. I am very interested in organic and natural beauty products and food items but I honestly know nothing about them. I think Eco Emi could give a good insight into natural products. Eco Emi is $15/Mo and you receive 5 to 10 products in each box. Click here to sign up for Eco Emi.

5. Sole Society
Most of the other boxes I've mentioned have been beauty or lifestyle boxes. Sole Society is a shoe club, started by I am very interested in this site, but to find out any information I have to sign up. Now, I know I am not going to be be charged to find more but the very fact annoyed me. From what i can tell from other sites it is $49.99/mo. You receive 6 pairs of shoes to choose from. I like the idea of a shoe club, but do I really need a new pair of shoes every month? Click here to take your style quiz and find out more. 

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