Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tips for Red Lipstick Worthy Lips

After an abnormally warm November, cold weather has finally hit the DC area and it starting to feel a little more like winter. Along with winter comes cold weather, dry skin, and worst of all dry lips!

With holiday parties scheduled and New Years Eve around the corner you might want to glam up your outfit with red lips! But, a lip color as vibrant, and noticeable as red doesn't look cute on top of lumpy, flaky, dry lips.

I have a quick, and easy routine you can use on dry lips. It will help to moisturize them and get rid of the dead flaky skin!

What you'll need:  a gelly based lip balm, hot water, wash cloth, lip scrub (or a disposable mascara wand, or an old toothbrush), solid lip balm.

1. Use a gelly based lip balm on your lips. You want something a little thicker than a normal lip balm. Lip butters work great too. I really like Rose Bud Salve, you can buy it from Sephora or Bath & Body Works.
2. Put a washcloth under hot water. The temperature is up to you. But don't get it too hot, remember you are going to put this on your face!
3. Put the hot wash cloth over your lips. The heat from the water is going to help loosen up the dead skin on your lips. Once you feel the washcloth  getting cool you can take it off.
4. Now is the fun part! Using a lip scrub (I like the lip scrubs from Lush) start to scrub your lips. The harshness of the lip scrub is going to take away any dead skins on your lips. If you don't have a lip scrub you can use a tooth brush or a disposable mascara wand.
5. Lastly, put on your favorite solid lip balm. I really like the moisturizing lip balm from Kiehls!


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