Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What to buy my guy...

With Christmas coming up 17 days, I still have pretty much all of my Christmas shopping to do! The people I have the hardest time shopping for are my boyfriend, my brother, and my dad. I decided to put a Guy Shopping Guide together to help others find ideas of what to buy their boyfriends, brothers, and dads!

The Sports Guy:
1. NFL T-Shirts - inexpensive ones can be found at Old Navy 2. Exercise Jump Rope - not just for 6 year old girls anymore! 3. Sports Video Games - WWE 4. Golf balls - what guy doesn't like to go hit some golf balls? 5. Blender Bottle - great for mixing protein shakes!

The Music Guy:
1. Music Listography - a cool journal book 2. Music video games - Rock Band or Guitar Hero 3. Music themed puzzles - I love this Beatles Yellow Submarine puzzle! 4. Headphones 5. Vinyl bowl - would look great on a coffee table or office!

The Vintage Guy:
1. Fedora -I think most guys look adorable in these! 2. Classic Cocktails - a recipe book 3. Mad Men on DVD - a great TV show! 4. Vintage cuff links -add a touch of class to their work clothes! 5. Vintage cocktail glasses ...any of these things will make your guy classic and stylish!

Happy Guy Shopping!
xoxo - AL

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