Monday, January 16, 2012

Date Nights 2012

Hi everyone!
Sorry it has been so long since V and I last blogged! I guess we got caught up in the holidays!

So, it's the New Year and stereotypically it means that it's time to make resolutions. Instead of resolutions, I decided I was going to set 12 goals of 2012 for myself. One of the goals that I set was to have more date nights with my boyfriend. I know that sounds like an easy goal (and cheesy) but I wanted to do something special this year to keep our relationship exciting and fun! We are doing 24 dates this year (2 per month) and I'm excited because I came up with all of them, so it will be a surprise to him! I wrote them out on paper and put them in a box (reused from the gift V sent me for Christmas!). Each week that we decide to have date night, I will have him draw a date from the box! I'm so excited because the dates are either fun dates that we usually go on, date nights at home, creative dates, and dates that we've been wanting to go on, but haven't yet!

Here are the 24 dates I came up with:
1. Antique Shopping (our favorite!)
2. 1984 Arcade (a vintage arcade shop that you can play old video games at!)
3. The zoo (I love hippos!)
4. Ski Ball (something we love to do together- we feel like kids!)
5. A show in Branson (we don't live too far from there!)
6. A sporting event (baseball, basketball, etc.)
7. A romantic dinner at home together
8. Nature walk
9. Restaurant crawl (You start at one restaurant and have an appetizer, then go to the next for the entree, then the next for dessert!)
10. Coffee shop
11. Something fun based on the season (Winter, spring, summer, fall)
12. Movies (classic date!)
13. Frozen yogurt (we are addicted!)
14. Golfing
15. Picnic at the park
16. Check out the city's events calendar and attend one of the events
17. Bowling
18. International date (dinner and movie specific to a foreign country- example: Chinese and Kung Fu Panda!)
19. Local comedy club
20. Go buy toys under $5 and play (another kid-like date!)
21. Mini road trip (don't forget the souvenir!)
22, Build a fort out of blankets and make s'mores (can't wait for this one!)
23. My boyfriend's pick! (Since I picked them all, I thought he deserved to pick one lol)
24. Game Night (this was the first one we did- see below!)

We did our first date of 2012 this weekend, and the boy drew GAME NIGHT! We were really excited that this was our first date because he got A LOT of board games for Christmas! He is collecting the vintage board games they sell at Target, so we got to play with them! We played Life and I totally lost- and ended up with 5 kids- they didn't all fit in the car! But we had a blast! We really enjoyed doing this together and I recommend turning the TV off because it allowed us to focus on the game and each other! :)

I'm also excited because I'm going to take pictures during every date and make a book from Blurb at the end of the year so we can look back on our memories! Hope this inspires you all to do fun dates with your sweetie pies! :)

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