Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Braided Chain Bracelet

I was inspired to try to make my own braided chain bracelet since seeing similar ones on Pinterest. I wanted to share with you how I made my DIY braided chain bracelet because it was easy!
All you need for this crafty project is a chain bracelet and two different colors of embroidery thread. I found all of these materials at Michaels craft store. The chain bracelet is actually a necklace top that is the {styled} brand by Tori Spelling. For the embroidery thread, I chose mint green and peach! (I'm loving mint green right now >> check out my mint green post here!)

To make the bracelet, just follow these simple steps:
1. Measure out how much embroidery thread you want to use. I measured out enough so that my chunk of thread was about the same width of the chain. I made it a little longer than the chain though so I had room to tie the thread off. When I made this bracelet, I undid the chain to make it one long chain instead of two.
2. Tie one end of each of the embroidery threads to the top loop of the chain bracelet before the clasp.
3. Once all three are tied together, I taped the end to the table so it would stay still while I braided. This totally reminded me of how I made friendship bracelets when I was little!
4. Now braid just like you are braiding your hair!
5. Once you have finished braiding, then you tie the other end off on the chain. Don't forget to cut off the extra string!
6 . Since I undid my chain to make one long bracelet to braid it, I put it back in two rows of chains and connected it together by the smaller chain and clasped it back together.

And here is the finished project!
It looks cute paired with other bracelets too! I paired mine with some bangles I got at Forever 21.

I think it matches my outfit today perfectly! :)
And that's how I made a simple braided chain bracelet!

Happy Crafting!
xoxo- Aly

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