Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's Mix It Up!

 I have always loved the look of outfits that mix patterns, but was always hesitant to try it because I thought it might look dumb, but it's actually really fun to do! My style motto is: You can pull off your outfit if you believe you can pull it off! I get teased about this from my friends, but it's true! If you try to wear something, but tell yourself you feel silly wearing it, you don't have the confidence in yourself and in your outfit to "make it work"! (That was Tim Gunn saying that.) Just be confident and ROCK your outfit!

 It seems to work best when you mix one pattern that is big or busy with one pattern that is small or simple. Here, I mixed flowers (big/busy) with polka dots (small/simple) and I think it definitely works and pulls off a cute, girly outfit! I even added a lace cardigan which has a pattern too! My boyfriend even chimed in his thoughts and said that mixing patterns in a girl's outfit is similar to when a guy picks out a tie to wear. He said you can wear a tie with a pattern if the pattern on the shirt is small and the pattern on the tie is big...or vice versa. That's exactly my point! :)

I'm kind of a goofy girl, so I'm sure you'll see that throughout my outfit posts! And by the way, the summer has been SO hot! Today was horrible because it was sunny and hot, then rained, which made it humid! Hello wavy hair! Can you tell from the semi-foggy pictures I posted? Hurry up fall! :)

Happy Mixing!
xoxo- Aly

Where did I buy my outfit?
Flowered Skirt - JC Penny (old) P.S. This skirt cost me $2!
Polka Dot Blouse - Old Navy (old)
Lace Cardigan - Forever 21
Wedges - Shoe Carnival (old)
Bracelets - Forever 21 (old)
Earrings - Charming Charlie
Sunglasses - Frock Candy

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