Friday, July 6, 2012

Pretty, Prettier, Prettiest: Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings
I decided to start a series titled "Pretty, Prettier, Prettiest" on the blog. It will showcase three similar items at 3 price points.
I decided to start with gorgeous pearl rings. I love pearls they are beautiful and feminine, and I was able to find an option at every price point.
Prettiest: Perpetual Ring $165.00

Personally, like the "prettier" one best. It looks dainty and beautiful. I might have to go to Lord & Taylor this weekend to check it out. The "prettiest" certaintly is pretty. But I do not wear rings enough to warrant a $165 price tag. The "pretty" ring for Forever 21 is a great, inexpensive alternative though looks a little flimsy. With jewelry you most definently get what you pay for.

What one is your favorite?


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