Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Work Place Attire for Every Budget

One of my biggest pet peeves is inappropriate work place attire...and my office is swimming in it. I work in a conservative industry, in a fairly formal office. I am not required to wear a suit everyday but business casual is expected unless otherwise noted. Now, not all offices are like that. Aly's office is much more casual. But, there some some clothing items you should never wear to an office. Many of my coworkers wear short skirts or dresses, low cut tops, see-through tops...you get the point. But, because they aren't wearing jeans, they pull it off as "business casual."

I've put together three outfits, at three price points, that I think are great for the office in the summer time. Did you notice I really like navy blue?

Work clothes by price

Outfit #1: Less Than $75
I really wanted to do an outfit less thant $50, but I had trouble finding pieces that I like. I am a sale shopper, so with more time to scower the internet, I am sure I could find a great outfit under $50...but for today I went with $75. I think navy blue and coral are beautiful together. This top, with a tie at the waste, will look great with capris.

Old Navy Canvas Capris in Coral $19.00
Merona Pleated Bib Tank $19.99
Old Navy Bow Tie Ballet Flats in Navy 19.94
Total: $58.93

Outfit #2: Less than $100
I love this outfit, seriously, I want to go buy it. Lace + navy blue + gold + bows + wedged = outfit heaven.  The lace and bow belt are so dainy and feminim and the gold makes it a litted edgy.

Webster for Target Tiered Lace Dress $39.99
Asos.Com Bow Skinny Belt $9.94
Chinese Laundry Gum Drop Wedge $34.99
Total: $84.92

Outfit #3: Less than $200While this dress appears to ne navy, it is actually a gorgeous deep purple. I love the silhouette, which I think makes the dress a little sexy but still work place appropraite.

Ralph Lauren Ruched Polka Dot Dress $134.00
Women's Woven-Straw Wedges $29.94
Total: $163.94

I hope things gives you some ideas on appropriate, business causal work place attire.

What is your favorite thing to wear to work?


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