Monday, July 9, 2012

Vegas Style

I'm really excited because I'm going to Las Vegas this week! My boyfriend's parents live there, so it's a nice little vacation for us when we go visit them! Last time we went, we were there in January and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Going in July is going to be a lot different because it is going to be no cooler than 104 degrees while we are there! I've been working on packing and I thought I would share some outfit ideas for traveling in the summer time!
 One of the things that we'll do while we are in Vegas is spend time on The Strip. (Obviously! No trip to Vegas is complete without that!) Ry's parents live about 25 miles off The Strip, so last time we were there we literally just spent the whole day exploring, shopping, eating, and gambling. My go-to outfit for this activity is going to be a maxi dress, sandals, and bright colors. I love leopard print (that's why our blog title has the word "leopard" in it!) so a fun, wild, leopard print maxi is perfect for Vegas! I'm pairing my maxi with some cute sandals that are flat and comfortable for walking, simple earrings, bracelet, and sunnies, and some neon for fun! I love this lime green neon cross body bag! A cross body bag is great for walking The Strip all day because it's light and easy to carry! I also love this neon purple nail polish! It's perfect for adding a pop of color! And to top it all off, a cute and fun up do to keep your hair off your neck and shoulders in the hot heat!
 If you have never been to Las Vegas before, one of my favorite things about it is that it is surrounded by mountains! It's beautiful to see the open dessert surrounded by gorgeous mountains! Last time we were in town, we spent two of the days we were out there walking around the state parks and taking pictures of the scenery! My go-to outfit for exploring the mountains isn't suitable for hiking, but perfect for going for a walk around the park! I live in leggings, so I am planning to pair some simple black leggings with an oversized tee and patterned TOMS. I love TOMS (see my DIY studded TOMS post here!) and I think they are really comfortable to walk around in. I also plan to throw my hair up in a cute pony and wear a Ralph Lauren Polo baseball hat. I have them in several colors, but my favorite is the white one! I never go anywhere without some jewelry, so some simple studs and a colorful rubber watch are perfect for this activity! Don't forget the sunglasses and sunscreen and you're set!

One activity that we didn't do last time I was in Las Vegas was spend time by the pool! Vegas has beautiful pools at their casinos and we are going to take advantage of it! My go-to pool time outfit is a simple, sexy, and slimming vintage inspired one piece. I love this cute pink cotton dress to wear as a cover up too! And you can't forget the summer time floppy hat which I love in this green color! I also love these flip flops that have both the pink from the cover up and green from the hat in a flower print! Don't forget a cute towel (mine is leopard print obviously), sunnies, and sunscreen and you are set!

So, these are my go-to outfits for traveling to Las Vegas in the hot summer month of July! Hope everyone else enjoys their summer time vacations too!

Happy Traveling!
xoxo- Aly

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