Friday, July 27, 2012

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag: Work Edition

Earlier this week I was in Denver for work. I am on a beauty kick this week, so I thought I'd share what kind of make-up I pack when I go on business travel. The items I pack for a work trip are very different than if I am going on a personal trip. Most of my work trips are very short, I left for Denver on Monday morning and came back Tuesday night (btw, East Coast to Denver for 30 hours is exhausting.) is my make up bag:

I got the Sephora bag a few years ago during a Beauty Insider giveaway. The yellow Philsophy bag was a gift with purchase at Ulta. I keep items like: tweezers, make up removers, cotton balls, and qtips in the smaller bag.

When I travel for work, I tend to bring the basics items that will give me a polished look. When I am on the road, I am usually around c-level executives from financial institutions and I want to present myself in a positive light.

Let's take a look inside:

First, items for my eyes:

When I travel I like to bring one eye shadow pallet. The Naked Pallet from Urban Decay provides all of the colors needed for a neutral day or night eye. I'm thinking about treating myself to the Naked Two Pallet soon. I threw in a benefit base shadow, but i didn't use it. I also have my Elf Mascara, Cover Girl Lash Blast, and an eye lash curler. I have a liquid and pencil eye liner (for night time looks and day time) and my eye brow pencil.

Now, for the face:

This is my basic everyday routine. Laura Mercer foundation, with Malani Powder to set it. I use Benefits Erase paste on my eyes and Glamoflauge by Hard Candy on any pimples. The Aveeno under eye roller is a life saver during work travel!
The o-so-important, cheeks:

I love blush, when I go on vacation I tend to over pack. For a work trip I pick one blush and one highlighter and stick to it. I don't usually wear bronzer. The highlighter on the left I picked up during the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sale, and the blush is a favorite, Gingerly by Mac!

Lastly, the lips:

Sorry for the crappy picture. I always pack one neutral and one fun lipstick. The neutral one is Crem d' Nude from Mac and the fun is a hot pink from Kate Spade. I bring one neutral gloss, this one is a pretty pink that I got in my Julep Maven box in June. I also have a Korres Lip Butter.

So, that is what I pack beauty-wise when I travel for work. I also use my makeup back to hold any hair clips, ties, and my comb. The bag is compact, and can easily fit into my suitcase or carry on bag. What beauty products do you like to travel with?


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